LD22: Alone

So the official theme for Ludum Dare 22 is ‘Alone’.

Based on the first several rounds of voting, I suspected this was a strong candidate for the them. I think I’m going to be spending a couple of hours coming up with some ideas. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with a platformer for this. Visually, I’m thinking silhouette, or at least a lot of dark colors to convey a sense of abandonment or loss. I guess my first order of business is to get a platforming engine up and running in Stencyl.

I’ll post some work as I get it done. I’m doing the Jam, not the competition, so I have 72 hours instead of the usual 48. The Compo is a little more prestigious, but this is still going to be a lot of fun and really important experience for me. I’ll enter the Compo someday when I’m a little more comfortable with writing code.

So, here we go. Ludum Dare 22, my very first LD event, is a go and I am all ‘Alone’.


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