LD22: Late Night, Little Accomplished

Ugh. So I decided to try to get some sleep last night, which sort of worked out. I knew I’d be working on this thing all day today. Which didn’t work out. I just decided to stay up really late, maybe all night to get some work done. Knowing this, I decided to take a nap. Also didn’t work out. Still, I got something done.

The big thing I really wanted to accomplish was the movement. Now, that probably sounds silly, but since I’ve never really dug into StencylWorks a lot, and the purpose of the competition is to create something from scratch, I knew this was probably going to be my biggest challenge. It was, and demanded of myself that I get it figured out before I go to bed. It was rough. Here it is after 2am Sunday morning and I’m just now finishing up my goal for the day. There were times I almost gave in, “I’ll figure this out tomorrow.” But I knew that Sunday was going to be rough. I’m going to have to really slam this thing to get it done. So now I at least have a movable character. I know, doesn’t sound like much, but from here it’s really just content. Don’t get me wrong, that is going to take some time and energy, but what I have done is actually huge. It is a baseline for me. I can now come back to this when I am making any future games. I have something to work from.

Ludum Dare 22 ends in 42 hours (the Jam anyway, those Compo guys only have 18 hours!) What can I do in 42 hours? I know I’ll lose a lot of that time on Monday for work. For now, I’m calling another 8 for sleep. Well…maybe 6. I hope at least 6.

Screenshots tomorrow once I’ve made progress with some content.



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