LD22: Alone, and in the Dark

I did not finish my game for Ludum Dare 22. It was incredibly disappointing. However, I also have a pretty good idea of what went wrong and how I can fix it.

I am not an artist. Not even a little bit. Yet I spent far too long trying to perfect the art. Next time, I’m going with a minimalist pixel approach.

I am not a programmer, though I can find my way around some low-level scripting. I wasn’t familiar enough with Stencyl, or Flash, or programming logic in general really, but I think I’ll be better prepared before April’s Ludum Dare 23 rolls around.

Oh and one more thing I’m not – a Ludum Dare veteran. When I was working on The Loneliest Robot, I was working on it with intent to win LD22. Dumb. Seriously. There are people who have released very high quality games and money-makers working on LD. I need to remember that the weekend is all about the practice and the experience of the competition.

The Loneliest Robot is still lonely, so I can’t abandon him before he finds a friend. I’ll post updates as I continue my work on the game and actually hope to have it done before Winter break is over. I’ve also got a few other projects going right now, one as part of a decision to go through the backlog of challenges over at the Experimental Gameplay Project.

There are still good things coming, and the weekend was not a waste. I have learned much and will apply it to the future.


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