Experimental Backlog: 100 Things

I’ve been following the Experimental Gameplay Project (http://experimentalgameplay.com/) for about a year now. Every month, the guys over at EGP post a new challenge. Some time during the month, readers are supposed to take 7 days to work on a solo game project based on the theme. It’s a continuation of something they started back in college, when they challenged themselves to collectively create 50 games over the course of a semester, never taking more than 7 days for each game.

I’ve actually decided to participate in the current challenge, 5 Button Challenge, but since it runs through the end of January, I’ve actually decided to work on that one during the first week of the new year right before I start class again. I have also decided to go through the backlog of challenges on the EGP site. There are 26 of them. If I do two of them every month, it will take me about a year to catch up.

What I have done is written down all the previous challenges and assigned then a number. Then I used a random number generator to pick one of the topics. With that done, I adjust out the entry and in two weeks I will randomly pick a new topic.

This first time around, the topic randomly selected for me was 100 Things. This was a theme from before I started following the site, so I never actually gave it any thought before. I’m going to sleep on this and try to decide where I want to take the project. I’m going to try to follow the format the guys set up, so even though this challenge is long past, I’m still going to try to get something done in no more than 7 days. Hey, that’s quite a bit more lenient than the 72 hour Ludum Dare jam I just tried to enter.

Actually, I already have the beginnings of an idea forming. How quickly I am able to come up with an idea here will determine if I jump straight into it or if I save it for next week and continue work on what was supposed to be my LD22 entry, The Loneliest Robot. Updates as my brain allows…for now, I’ve got some thinking to do.


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