I’ve finally gotten started on my first EGP backlog game with the theme ‘100 Things’.

I decided to make a simple space shooter. I’m calling it 10^2 because the idea is that it is supposed to be 100 boss fights back-to-back. I’m starting out with the bare bones here. I have some grand ideas for weapon upgrades and intense multi-stage boss battles. However, that will all be implemented only if I actually get the chance to do it. Before worrying about all that, I wanted to get the basic gameplay mechanics working. That I didn’t focus on this before is likely why my other projects have failed. This one won’t.

Speaking of other projects, I do have something exciting in the works. I’ve been asked to join a team as a designer. Can’t reveal much on it yet, mostly out of respect for the team, but also because I really don’t know a lot about it yet. I’m looking forward to it though, and will keep GBD updated with whatever information I can as it gets moving.

More to come on 10^2 as it develops.


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