Balloon Ride: Moves and Math

Okay, Balloon Ride is shaping up nicely. I believe I have all movement squared away. I’ve also worked out math needed for the scoring method.

In the game, players must shoot point balloons in air and on land. Air balloons can only be shot with arrows and smaller balloons are worth more points. Land balloons can only be shot with bombs (or whatever) and are also worth more as they decrease in size. Land balloons are overall more valuable as well. I have also added an accuracy counter, so players will not want to just blindly shoot since your final score is calculated by multiplying your achieved score by your shot accuracy.

Here is a screenshot of the game so far:

Of course, that’s not the final look of the game. One thing I learned from my failures in other design challenges is to use placeholder graphics until I am done with just about everything else. With the basic gameplay in place, I’ve really just got two major things left to do – update the graphics and build an actual level.

This game will probably only have the one level. Again, it’s not really meant for computer play (though it can be played) but for play on step pads by multiple players. I may tweak a few things about movement. As I play it more, the right-firing bomb seems to fly out a little too far. Plus, I’ve toyed with the idea of making some of the target balloons move, maybe even bringing some in from the right. I haven’t decided yet. Currently, the level takes about 5 minutes to play, and I’m hesitant to extend that since the area where the game will be played will probably have people waiting to play.

The game is short and the mechanics are simple. I know the event is going to be covered by word, photo and video, so I’m looking forward to the possibility of seeing people actually play this. More updates as it nears completion…only a few days left in the challenge!


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