Balloon Ride – Targets Acquired

Okay, so I spent a couple of hours on Balloon Ride over the past couple of days, and I got some decent work done. It’s still in early stages, but little by little stuff is happening.

I got all the projectiles set up and working. Now, the player can fire an arrow or drop a bomb from either side of the balloon. I did have to tweak some speed settings a bit to get everything to work well. Since the balloon is moving at a fixed pace, I had to increase the firing speed out one side of the balloon so that the balloon did not immediately pass what was being fired. With all the numbers in place however, it actually looks fairly nice.

I also have a basic test level set up and have build some placeholder graphics for the targets. I think I may have decided on a score system too, but I’m sure I’ll have to play with that to get the full fun factor out of it.

More work on Balloon Ride to come today!


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