Balloon Ride: We Have Liftoff!

I did it! Balloon Ride is finished, uploaded and submitted.

Wow. I cannot even begin to describe what an exhilarating experience this was. Sure it’s just a simple one-level game, but having something tangible that I can say I built is so amazing. That I built it for an actual competition is even more exciting. There’s a chance that people in Germany might actually be playing my game on a huge television screen!

After finishing up the graphics and some last minute details for the level select and results screens, all I had to do was add a couple of sound effects. I popped a balloon to get the sound of, you know, a balloon popping. I also recorded a sound for the balloon ‘lift’. All in all, this has been an incredibly exciting experience and I learned some valuable lessons in design during this short span.

So, while the game was designed to be played on the step pads I described in the first Balloon Ride post, it is of course totally playable on just a normal computer. It is unlikely to be as fun this way but if you want to give it a try to see what people might be playing, you can do so! Just download the game at this link:

All in all, I had crazy amounts of fun building this game. There were times I had no motivation and just wanted to do something else. But I forced myself to keep going, and I am really glad I did. I’m actually really excited to get going on my next game project.

Until then, here’s hoping I get some screen time with this EGP entry!


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