EGP Infinite World – Preliminary Research

Well with the Experimental Gameplay Project having finished up the ‘5-Button Competition’ it is time to move on. A new month means a new theme and a new 7-day challenge. This month’s theme is ‘Infinite World’, so before I move into a full game design, I’m spending a little time with Game Maker. I have a few ideas, but before I jump in I wanted to see if I could even figure out how to make any of them work. I’ve been testing some randomly generated objects. I think I’ve got the initial workings of this ready. Now I just need to put it through some final tests. If it works out as planned, I’ll begin brainstorming and my 7-day development cycle.

Oh and the roundup for the ‘5-Button Challenge’ has been posted over the EGP website. It looks like I have some serious competition. I’ll update with the status of the event as EGP does. Until then, I have some stuff to randomize!


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